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Digging into accused Children's Hospital gunman's criminal past

MILWAUKEE -- We're learning more about who Ashanti Hendricks is.  The 22-year-old Milwaukee man shot by police at Children's Hospital Thursday,  has a fairly extensive criminal history, but most of his wrap sheet deals with drug charges.

In 2009, police arrested Hendricks for cocaine possesison with intent to deliver.  He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to prison.  It was at that sentencing Hendricks was first informed, as a convicted felon, he could never possess a firearm.

Then, in December of 2009, Hendricks was arrested on drug charges again... This time for THC possession.

In June 2012, Hendricks was sentenced to prison, again for drugs.

Which leads us to his latest arrest before Thursday.  That came in December 2012.  Hendricks was charged with fleeing an officer, THC possession and for being a felon carrying a firearm.

Hendricks agreed to plead guilty to the firearm felony and was supposed to be sentenced at the end of October.

But online court records show Hendricks never showed up for his sentencing hearing.  A judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest.

Today, we went to Hendricks' last known address.  A former neighbor of Hendricks showed up and didn't want to talk on camera, but told us more about him.

She says Hendricks last lived above her in a duplex in January, but would still periodically stop by to see if any mail or packages came for him.  The neighbor tells us when Hendricks lived there with the mother of his child, they would fight often. 

The neighbor says she last saw Hendricks late this summer when he stopped by to check the mail again.  He was told to stop coming to the house.


The neighbor says police came by in the last two weeks to search her level of the duplex.  She says police looked extensively through her things, but didn't find anything. 


She told police Hendricks lived upstairs, not down, but according to her they never searched the upper level.

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