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Did you purchase a peacoat from a rummage sale? Washington County man searching for late father's coat

NOW: Did you purchase a peacoat from a rummage sale? Washington County man searching for late father’s coat


WASHINGTON COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Washington County man is on the hunt for a missing peacoat.

The coat belonged to his father, a World War II vet. The family says that the coat was sold at a rummage sale just south of Hubertus, and now they're on the hunt for the customer who bought it.

"My dad fixed machines on the ship. He was a very handy guy," said Kurt Waldhuetter. It was around that time, during World War II, when Kurt's father had gotten the peacoat.

"It's like an original 1955/56 when he was in the Navy peacoat, which is a thick, blue wool. Like, very heavy. His last name is printed inside of the coat," said Waldhuetter.

Last summer, the family had a rummage sale after moving their dad out of his home. That's when the coat was accidentally sold.

Kurt made a Facebook post regarding the coat. It's already been shared hundreds of times. His motivation is because of what happened just last month.

"I think probably because my father passed away," Kurt said. "I was actually driving to work and about halfway downtown and I could not go to work that day for some reason and I turned around and went back and he was non-responsive."

His hope is to eventually give the clothing item to his own son. Before that, he's got the more difficult goal of tracking down that coat.

"That I get in touch with this person and I'm able to buy it back at fair market value."

If you'd like to help spread the word, the peacoat was bought at a rummage sale in late July, just a mile south of Hubertus. The family believes the buyer was local, possibly living somewhere in Washington County. 

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