Deputies Use Narcan Three Times on Overdose Victim

On March 5 at 2:18 PM Deputies were dispatched to the 1900 block of State Highway 11 in the town of Spring Prairie in Walworth County. Deputies were responding to a suspected opiate overdose.  

The Deputies arrived at 2:29 PM and began to medically assess the victim. Information given to the deputies by a witness revealed the victim, a 28-year-old man, was known to be an abuser of opiate medications and other street narcotics. The victim’s breathing was very shallow and he was nonresponsive to pain or light stimulation. The Deputies delivered one dose of Naloxone to the victim. 

A second dose of Naloxone was delivered at 2:37 PM and the victim began to show signs of improvement. Upon the arrival of Paratech Ambulance a third dose of Naloxone was delivered at 2:38 PM.

Paratech Ambulance transported the victim to an area hospital where he remains under medical care. 

This is the second victim revived by Sheriff’s Deputies since the inception of the Naloxone program in 2015. 

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