Denim Day Observed at the City of Milwaukee Health Department

The look is casual. The cause is serious. Stop blaming the victims of sex assault.

Denim Day is being observed all over the world on Wednesday.

That included the City of Milwaukee Health Department.

It's a reference to an infamous Italian rape case where the judge said the victim's jeans were so tight, that she must have taken them off herself.

The insult sparked international outrage and led to this annual tradition of dressing down to promote some real conversation.

Among the speakers at the health department was a survivor who said dealing with blame and responsibility is an ever present challenge. 

\"People would ask me why was I in that neighborhood. Why didn't I run? Why didn't I fight? Why did I let this happen to me,\" the woman shared to a hushed crowd. \"So many times, intentionally or unintentionally, somebody made me feel like it was my fault.\"

People wearing denim are asked to share photos on social media at  #DenimDayMKE. 

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