Activists 'reinvigorated' by Chauvin verdict, but say many families are still awaiting justice

NOW: Activists ’reinvigorated’ by Chauvin verdict, but say many families are still awaiting justice

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Dozens rallied and marched in the streets of Milwaukee Tuesday night, April 20, following Derek Chauvin's guilty verdict in the death of George Floyd.

Activists stopped at the George Floyd mural near North and Holton. 

They say the guilty verdicts are a testament to the power of the people.

“The community as a whole across the United States of America made a statement about what happened to George Floyd, and everyone stood up and decided it was wrong," said activist Kamila Ahmed.

Activists and community members stopped by the mural to pay their respects to George Floyd.

“I just told him rest in paradise, and you know that’s all I can do, just pay my respects to him," said Ashley Evans, of Milwaukee.

“It wouldn’t be right if I sat in the bed and not celebrated, you know, this joyous moment with George Floyd, so I came out, you know, by myself,” said Diamond Johnson.

Demonstrators say the prosecution did a great job during Derek Chauvin's trial and the verdicts are a victory.

“They presented all the evidence, but how much more evidence do we need besides watching a video of a man being kneeled on for nine minutes?” Ahmed asked.

“Sense from the crowd—the crowd is really feeling reinvigorated as well, that our boots on the ground are with purpose," said activist John Larry.

While Tuesday's verdicts may be a step in the right direction, activists say there are still many families awaiting justice in similar situations.

“The changes that I wanna see in Milwaukee is police being held accountable for brutality,” Larry said.

“Seeing Michael Mattioli found guilty for strangling Joel Acevedo to death, we want him to be found guilty as well and convicted as well, and also Joseph Mensah," added Ahmed. 

As many await sentencing, demonstrators hope the time Chauvin receives matches the crime.

“Justice would have been George Floyd being able to go home," said Ahmed.

“He took that man life and he’s not never coming back and I feel that’s not fair at all," Evans added.

Wednesday will mark day 327 for the People's Revolution Group, and just because the verdict for George Floyd went in their favor, they do not plan to stop making their voices heard.

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