Debris from tornado travels 116 miles to man's front lawn

Northern Illinois didn't expect a tornado. Matt Sisak didn't expect traces of the storm to touch down in his front lawn.

\"I picked it up and it was wet, it didn't blow away because it was wet.\"

A check, addressed to Rochelle, Illinois blew more than 100 miles to land here in Racine.

\"I knew right away that it had to be from the path of the tornado because it came from that direction and we were right in the path after it dissipated.\"

Ironically the check landed near his favorite lawn ornament.

\"Last year I went to Rochelle, Illinois to buy this statue.\"

As quick as the wind came in, Sisak plans to send the check back to its owner.

\"I'm hoping to find out who these people are because I really feel bad about them because gosh I could only imagine if this happened to me.\"

He says this time the mail will go through an 'official route' back to the sender, as soon as he knows there's a mailbox up and ready.

\"You hear about it happening in tornadoes but 116 miles but that's a long long ways to come.\"

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