Death of inmate at Milwaukee County House of Corrections ruled Carfentanil Intoxication

NOW: Death of inmate at Milwaukee County House of Corrections ruled Carfentanil Intoxication
Franklin, WI -

UPDATE: The death of an inmate at the Milwaukee County House of Corrections has been ruled Acute Carfentanil Intoxication, according to the Milwaukee Medical Examiner.

The manner has been ruled an "accident."

According to the Medical Examiner's Office, this is the fourth confirmed death in Milwaukee County from carfentanil.

Carfentanil is commonly known for being an elephant tranquilizer.

An investigation is currently in progress by the Franklin Police Department.

No further information is being released at this time.

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The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner is investigating a death reported this morning at the Milwaukee County House of Corrections in Franklin. A 52-year-old male inmate was pronounced dead on April 30 at 8:31 PM. An autopsy has been performed, but no more information is being released.

According to a spokesperson for the County the inmate was taken to the hospital where they died.

In compliance with an ordinance recently adopted by the County Board, the death in custody is being investigated by an outside law enforcement agency. In this case that outside agency is the Franklin Police Department.

In a statement the County says they are:

"Committed to as full an understanding as possible of what lead to this death. Once we have a complete understanding, we will evaluate our systems and procedures to identify any changes that may be made to improve them. We are also committed to transparency about our process along the way. The public deserves no less."

The news comes just one day after an inquest jury recommended criminal charges in the death last April of inmate Terrill Thomas at the county jail in Milwaukee.

Testimony and jail logs revealed withholding water from a cell was used on several inmates as a form of discipline.

Thomas went without water service to his cell for seven days after flooding another cell.

Thomas' death one of four behind bars at the Milwaukee facility since last April. 

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