Deadly shooting leaves out of town man dead

A terrifying sight for neighbors, a brutal shooting, and the body surrounded by police searching for answers.

Jodie Wilson ran out after hearing the gunshots and saw the victim's female friend running down the street.

Wilson says, \"As soon as the gunshots went off she ran down the block she was like oh my god he's shot shot.\"

Wilson says the female friend then tried to put the victim in her car to drive him to the hospital but Wilson urged her to stay.

\"He seemed like he was dying couldn't catch a breath it was very scary.\"

Police say the man drove from out of town to buy drugs when he was shot resident Gale Walton says this isn't the first sign of problems in the neighborhood.

Resident Gale Walton says, \"There's a lot of crime going on, home invasions, people going around kicking in doors.\"

She says the neighborhood wants more police presence, and quicker response time.

\"With all the crime going on people are getting tired, I don't know what happened or what he did to anyone but i'm not surprised.\"

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