Days Now Longer Than Nights

We continue to make small strides toward the official Spring season, which begins Saturday night at 11:30pm. Today, however, we also turn a corner with more daylight than night time. And what a brilliant sunrise we had this morning. Check out this photo from Lakeview Park in Sheboygan.

On this Irish holiday we now feature twelve hours and two minutes of daylight, so we're passed the halfway point!

It was another above normal day on temperatures as we had sunshine and 50s around (Although more clouds and a few showers across the far north). But that sun and the higher angle in the sky really do help out on temperatures, not only heating the surrounding air but also melting the ice on the Great Lakes. What a difference a year makes! Take a look at how much less ice cover we have now versus last March.

So as our first full day of spring arrives this weekend, temperatures will actually be feeling a bit cooler. Most locations will have temperatures in the upper 30s to around 40° this weekend and into Monday of next week. By Tuesday and Wednesday we're back in the middle to upper 40s with a chance for showers and possibly a few storms on Wednesday. That's when it will really feel more like spring!

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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