"Day of Light" Vigil Held to Honor Brothers Killed in West Allis

WEST ALLIS - Dozens of people attended a "Day of Light" vigil Saturday afternoon, honoring two brothers that were murdered in West Allis nearly two weeks ago.

17-year-old Trajan Tray Edwards and his older brother Croshian CJ Edwards were both fatally shot inside their home. 14-year-old Spencer Lewis is accused of shooting Tray, then shooting CJ seconds later as he stepped in to defend his brother. 

     "The lives of two of my neighbors were lost," says Debbie Gast. "The lives of two young men who lived in my community." 

Gast organized the event, sending a need for change following the tragedy. 

     "If people want to see a change in their community, then they really have to be that change, they have to be that light," she says. 

For more information on the Day of Light, click here

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