Day Care Center's License Revoked after Child Suffered Bone Fractures

A day care center in Oak Creek had its license revoked after a child suffered two bone fractures.

According to Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, the incident happened on October 3, 2016.

Children Of America's employee, Stephanie McPherson was charged with physical abuse of a child.

Several teachers noticed a child was crying and would not allow anyone to touch her.

No one reported it to the administrator and the parents were not notified.

The child had two bone fractures that needed medical attention.

Oak Creek Police Department told DCFS that the child care worker admitted to causing the injury to the child while grabbing the child’s arms and twisting her.

According to the criminal complaint, the defendant said she danced with the children by putting her arms on their arms.

The defendant allegedly said she twisted the girl’s arm and she started crying.

“I guess I did it too hard and didn’t realize it,” said McPherson allegedly to police.  

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