Day Care Center Director Accused of Hitting 4-Year-old With Stuffed Animals and Dropping him on his Face

CLERMONT, Fla.(WKMG)- A Lake County day care center director was arrested on allegations of hitting a 4-year-old with stuffed animals and dropping him face-first on a mat.

Kimberly Reid was arrested on charges of child abuse after the incident at Children's Palace Day Care Center at 662 E. Highway 50.

According to Clermont police, officers learned about the incident from the Florida Department of Children and Families, which shared a video recorded on a daycare center employee's cellphone.

Police said the video shows Reid striking the victim numerous times with what appears to be stuffed animals and her hands. The video also shows Reid picking up the child and dropping him face down onto a mat from about 3 feet.

According to police, the worker said she was uncomfortable with the way Reid handled the child and contacted authorities.

Police contacted the child’s father, and Reid was arrested. 

Clermont police said that Reid was already on probation in Orange County for welfare fraud and grand theft.

On Monday, the daycare center had a sign posted on their door that said it was closed.

Investigators said a few years ago there were allegations of child abuse against another employee, but because a lack of evidence that case was never prosecuted.

Police said they didn't believe the child was seriously harmed.

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