Date Night at Summerfest: It's a Thing (We know, we tried it!)

For those who think Summerfest is only about the music: it's so much more, including a perfect place to take your significant other on a date. We know, because we tried it out Friday night. 

We started out on the water and talked to few couples who said there's no better place for a one-on-one conversation than a paddle boat. 

"One of the romantic things about it too that I liked is along the rock shoreline there's the tiki hut stages with acoustic music you can enjoy while paddling," said Summerfest attendee Sarah. 

We tagged along on her date with Jack. They're married now, but they came to Summerfest every year they dated and are full of first date advice. 

"Don't have too many beers on the first date," Sarah told us. 

Her hubby Jack says, coming during the daytime is key. 

"It's so beautiful and relaxed, its easy to talk and move around and you always have stuff to do so there's no down time," he said. 

Water's not your thing? If you want to escape the crowds, take a ride above on the Skyglide.

"It's perfect, you have that stretch of time you can sit and talk to each other. and it is kind of romantic when you get up there," said Susan, another Summerfest attendee. 

We caught up with Susan and her husband Joe during their ride. They're here for a date night, all the way from Michigan. It's that good!

"Its a really great place to bring a date or significant other and its a wonderful atmosphere. I can't imagine a better place to take them this weekend," said Joe. 

If you're still not sure, Susan says, good or bad date-there's always the music. 

"You know if things aren't going great, you've got a big crowd of people and you can be part of that," said Susan. 

And it's important to note: each activity we did cost less than $20. 

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