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Dam failure drains pond at Paradise Springs

A little piece of paradise can be found in Waukesha County, but because of a dam failure Paradise Springs is in dire need of repair, and it’s costly.

Jeff and Marge Fornear bike to Paradise Springs several times a year.

“We bike just from a town where we live nearby.  It makes for a really great spot to sit and wonder in the shade,” said Marge Fornear.

But it doesn’t look like it once use to.

“Oh, it's just devastating.  A lot of time and effort has been put into the pond, so there's been a lot of work done and it's all gone now. There's fish cribs, but there's no water, said Jeff Fornear.

According to the DNR, the dam failed just a few weeks ago and caused the pond to drain. The dam was built in the early 1990’s and the DNR said there’s no way to refill the pond without major repairs or just replacing the dam. Replacing the dam could cost $300,000.

“I'm willing to raise as much as we possibly can,” said Kelly Maddern.

She founded SaveParadiseSprings.com and is selling t-shirts to raise money.

“It was just kind of, what can I do? I guess without thinking it thoroughly I was already in motion. I created the website, got the fundraiser started, started building the group and getting people involved on Facebook,” said Maddern.

So far, she’s raised $1,500.

\"$300,000 is no small feat,\" said Maddern.

She hopes to get local businesses involved in her efforts to raise money for repairs. 

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