Cycling during COVID: Taking care of you & your bike...

NOW: Cycling during COVID: Taking care of you & your bike...


WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Pedaling your way to success even in the midst of this pandemic. Steve Morateck with Allis Bike in West Allis say he's seen sales "take off" compared to this time last year.  In fact, he says it's double the amount of business.  This makes sense given the fact the "stay-at-home" order still holds to an extent, and people are looking to get exercise any way they can. 

The experts recommend doing a thorough "once over" before heading out for that first long ride of the season. Morateck emphasizes it's very important to check the air in your tires.  Also, inspect the chain's lubrication.  Keep in mind a little oil goes a long way.  One last important recommendation, according to Morateck, is to make sure your wheels don't rub on the brake pads.  And while you're at it, spin those wheels to make sure they're rolling freely. Aside from the bike, the pros will tell you to replace your helmet every five years and make sure it has a high rating as well.  (The letter grade inside the helmet reveals how good it is!)

During these days of COVID, it's highly recommended to make sure you're biking six feet from another biker and in a single-file line. 

Allis Bike has been open since the pandemic started earlier in the year.  At this shop, you can find so many different kinds of accessories, including a holder for your smart phone or an bike air pump.  And if you're looking for something different, you can always purchase an electric bike to assist with pedaling.  Some even have a throttle.

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