Cuddly goat runs around in wheelchair at Wildlife Sanctuary

1010 WINS — One baby goat at a wildlife sanctuary in Chile is stumbling her way into the hearts of many.

Pam, who lives at the Santuario Igualdad along with many other animals, is using a temporary wheelchair that was originally fitted for larger goats.

She’s waiting for her custom-made pink wheelchair to arrive, though it’s currently stuck in customs while trying to enter Chile.

Since the wheelchair is a little too heavy for her tiny frame, Pam has to put in extra effort to get around, but all of the exercise is great for the growing kid!

The charming Pam gets to spend her days being pampered by the loving staff at the sanctuary, who are more than happy to love her.

Keep up the good work, Pam!

For more lovable animal videos, you can visit the sanctuary’s: TwitterInstagram, and YouTube!

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