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Cudahy lifts pit bull restrictions

NOW: Cudahy lifts pit bull restrictions


CUDAHY, Wis. (CBS 58) – Cudahy has lifted strict pit bull ordinances in the city.  

The Cudahy Common Council has lifted a long-list of pit bull restrictions in the city. The decade-old restrictions include things like the types of leashes pit bulls can have, requiring the dogs to wear bright orange collars, and owners having to pay a special annual $50 permit.

“I think they shouldn't have had the regulations in the first place because dogs are dogs and it doesn't matter what breed they are,” Dog Owner Cindy Randall said.

Cudahy Aldermen say the common council voted on lifting the ordinances because they weren’t able to enforce them.

“There was just a lot of ordinances that was not enforceable and what we basically did was clean up the regulations,” Alderman Mike Johnson said.

In neighboring St. Francis, pit bulls are banned altogether. Milwaukee requires pit bull owners to do things like train their dogs in a class, have specific fences and special leash lengths. Over in South Milwaukee, the city lifted their pit bull ban two years ago.

“I think that any breed could be a dangerous dog depending on how it’s raised so I think breed-specific legislation is wrong,” Dog Owner Mallory Davis said.

The changes in Cudahy bring a sigh of relief for local pit bull owners.

“It's a good sign that people are finally changing their attitudes that they're not all vicious and they don't all attack people and they're really good dogs,” Pit Bull Owner Mike Ford said.

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Rochelle 93 days ago
I would like to say I have 2 pitbulls and they have literally been the best dogs I have ever had , they listen , they have good attitude and they are very loyal and all they want is to be treated and loved by there owner To me any breed can be dangerous , you have the good one and the bad ones just like humans it’s not right to do this banned and/or restrictions on pitbulls it’s pathetic you might as well do it for the other breeds as well it’s not right / I literally one morning was walking out of my house and was almost attacked by a German Shepherd ok so This stuff about pitbulls need to stop already it’s very sickening everytime someone is attacked by a dog it doesn’t make the news but once it’s about Pitbulls everyone loses their damn minds
Marge 94 days ago
I personally have had two pit bulls as service dogs they have literally performed CPR to save my life. Labeling any breed no matter what they are is completely and totally wrong. It is no different then assuming that as a Native American I am an alcoholic. If it were not for my pitbull service dogs I would have died 10 years ago! And for the person that said ankle-biters are bad dogs that was no different than labeling the Pitbull breed into the category of bad dogs any dog can be a wonderful companion. Articles like this give all dogs a bad name regardless of size or breed. Yes a pitbull can do more damage when they bite but the German Shepherd that bit me when I was a child did extensive damage any dog bite is painful and should be treated. I do hope that this was if nothing else informative concerning the seriousness of being treated after any and all dog bites. My Hope Is that people realize any dog can be a great companion and an excellent service animal regardless of size or breed! Thank you for your time.
Rochelle Marge 93 days ago
I absolutely agree with 100% check out my post the media makes me sick
KarenKinzebach 94 days ago
First I would like to say. There's good in every breed and there's bad in every breed. Just like humans there's good ones and bad one. People blame the bad ones for the way they were raised..really!!! That's funny cause that's what they say about the bully breeds how can that be? It's true. If you raise a dog any dog to be mean there going to be mean. If you raise a dog to obey and like people their going to do just that. Same as raising a kid.
I have two pits now and have had others in the past. There not mean they don't attack because it's in there breed. They are true nanny dogs. They love human contact and love my four month old grand daughter as their baby.
So for the person with the first comment about bully breeds. You should stop watching the news cause everyone knows the news blows the story way out of what it truely was and look in to how many bites have happen in the last few years and you will find out most of those bites were from labs and ankle biters. Look up dog bites from insurance claims you'll see.
And as far as bullies are ready to attack or kill at anytime your full of poop. Now an ankle biter dog yes they are ready to attack and bite at any time and to be truthful with you they aren't worth the time calling them a dog there useless unless you want a dog that barks none stop all the time.
People like you who know nothing about the bully breed should start learning about them cause rather you approve of them or not people are starting to see that what people like you say about them is not true and people like you don't even know what your talking about. Cause.if you did you would know a bully dog ( pit bull) is a police dog now as of a year and a half ago. So like it or not things are changing for this breed.
" There just a normal dog" and " people like you think their a shark or something " Grow up people it's a pit or a bully breed not a shark"
Rochelle KarenKinzebach 93 days ago
I agree 100% people need to really rethink and do some search on the bully breeds Instead Of banning and /or restrictions it’s sickening , check out my comment I shared up at the top
Oohknipkin 94 days ago
If dog breeds didn't matter then herding dogs wouldn't herd, retrievers wouldn't retrieve, lap dogs wouldn't like laps so much. No one who wants a working dog thinks just any kind of dog will do. Bully breeds were bred specifically to fight to the death, and that wasn't even that long ago. Bully breeds raised in entirely kind home environments have still gone on to do what their breed was bred hard to do - they kill cats, other dogs, and even children and humans. Their own families! Anyone who thinks all dogs are equally dangerous only has to look at the damage they are *capable* of doing and think it through. You'll hear that Chihuahuas are more likely to bite but is that going to kill you? Are you going to die from a pug bite? If a startled bully breed goes for you it will do so much more damage. Most dogs have to be trained to be aggressive whereas bully breeds have to be trained to not be killers, and it doesn't always work. They do not belong in urban areas any more than exotic animals as pets. All dogs are not equal. Most bully breeds are good family pets but are SO much more likely to snap and kill a baby, cat, the neighbor's dog, etc that they should be completely banned. This doesn't take away anyone's right to have dogs, as there are so many other kinds of dogs to choose from. If you can pick a dog that is statistically 20 times less likely to bite, why wouldn't you? dogbites.org
Drako 95 days ago
As an AmStat owner, I think these types of restrictions are plain stupid. Any dog can be dangerous or a big sweety, it all depends on how they are raised. Raise them to fight or abuse them, and they will become dangerous...regardless of breed or type. My Scooby is a big lover, and lives up to his namesake. Pitties do have a high level of enthusiasm, which is what can give them a bad name. But at the same time, it makes them great loving and nanny dogs. AmStats are one of the several breeds that fit under the pit bull type of dog.
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