Cudahy Fire Department rescues father and son off bluff

Cudahy Police Department received a 911 cell phone transfer from the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department from a male in his fifties who stated he and his five year old son were stuck on a cliff of the lake bank at Sheridan Park.

The male said he and his son were hiking on the beach and started to climb the bluff when he realized the bluff was too steep and the dirt was starting to give way.

The Cudahy Police and Fire Departments located the man and his young son approximately seventy-five feet down and adjacent to the 4900 block of S. Sheridan Drive.

The child was harnessed to a Cudahy Fire Fighter with a life line and pulled to safety. The father was able to use the life line to pull himself up to the edge of the cliff. There were no reported injuries by the father and his son or to any Cudahy Police and Fire Personnel.

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