Brewers launch PSA to encourage Wisconsinites to get vaccinated amid spike in younger adults

NOW: Brewers launch PSA to encourage Wisconsinites to get vaccinated amid spike in younger adults

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Brewers launched a new PSA to encourage Wisconsinites to get vaccinated now that anyone ages 16 years old and up can get the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Brewers players promoted the availability and efficacy of the COVID vaccine through a PSA campaign, and it comes as younger people are driving up infections in more than 20 states, including Wisconsin.

“Once I spoke to doctors and others I trusted, it became very evident that not only was this vaccine very effective, but it was also very safe,” said Brent Suter, a pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers. 

Having Brewers players share their experience with the COVID-19 vaccine, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said he hopes it will motivate those who might be hesitant to get the shot. 

“I think having the Brewers involved in this sends such a positive message to people from all ages and backgrounds,” Barrett said. “It sets the bar pretty high for young people to say if professional athletes are getting this, and they make a living of taking care of their bodies, it makes sense for you to get it as well.”

Even with more than a million people in the state now fully vaccinated, Dr. Ajay Sethi, a UW epidemiologist, stressed the fight against COVID-19 is far from over as the country is on the brink of another surge.

“We can still experience that if we are not careful because there’s still a large proportion of our society that does not have immunity,” said Sethi. 

The pandemic is changing as mostly older and sicker people received the vaccine first, but at the same time kids and young adults are driving up infection rates in Wisconsin. 

Public Health Madison & Dane County announced 35 people were connected to an outbreak at a child care center, including cases of the new variant found in the United Kingdom. On Monday, the health department said 21 children and employees tested positive along with 14 of their family members. 

As of Thursday, nearly 20% of confirmed COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began are attributed to 20-29 year olds, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services dashboard. Last week the state also reported 875 new COVID-19 infections, the highest number since February. 

Health professionals said with younger adults more likely to spread the disease, it could impact the state’s goal to reach herd immunity by July if cases continue to rise. Sethi also added a spike in cases could encourage more parents to vaccinate their children. 

“If we start to see this virus transmit more in children than adults who are protected in vaccinations, you might start to see a change in sentiment towards a vaccine,” said Sethi. 

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