Crosswalk murals in Milwaukee's Harambee neighborhood hope to curb reckless driving

NOW: Crosswalk murals in Milwaukee’s Harambee neighborhood hope to curb reckless driving

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A community-led art project aims to raise awareness about what's being called an epidemic in Milwaukee: reckless driving. 

Safe and Sound Milwaukee partnered with local artists to create four crosswalk murals in the Harambee neighborhood. They recruited young people in the area to help with the crosswalk murals. 

An organization with Safe and Sound said involving the community is important to addressing reckless driving. 

"It's projects like this that we really focus on to try and bring our mission home and help make Milwaukee a safer place to live," Said Mark Lisowski, community organizer for District 5, Safe & Sound. 

Mayor Tom Barrett announced last week that he plans to spend $6 million to combat reckless driving in Milwaukee. 


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