18-year-old tells Milwaukee Police the east side is "where the easy robberies go down"

NOW: 18-year-old tells Milwaukee Police the east side is “where the easy robberies go down“

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee criminal told police the east side is an easy target for robberies and businesses in the area believe there's a rise in crime.

Some of the businesses CBS 58 spoke to said they know someone that's been robbed on Brady street, and they're concerned.

"You know what to look for and then it doesn't matter. When you see it, it's too late," said Tim Brodersen, Up and Under Owner.

Broderson has owned Up and Under pub for 12 years. And has seen a change in crime on the east side.

"Everything used to be... more sneaky. People come in, they grab a coat, see if there's keys in there... now they're just blatant about grabbing stuff, assaulting people, that kind of stuff," said Brodersen.

On December 10th, an 18-year-old stole a woman's purse. she was walking on Brady Street around 3 p.m. when, police say, Scottie Henry grabbed it from behind.

According to the criminal complaint, when police tracked Henry down, he admitted to taking the purse, and he told investigators he went to the east side because that is quote "where the easy robberies go down."

One business owner posted on Facebook that she can't place anything outside her store because it gets stolen.

Broderson hopes to see more police presence on the street, but he doesn't know what else can lead to change.

"I just got a new camera system, but that doesn't stop the crime when it happens. It just records it. So, there's no answer."

CBS 58 did reach out to over a dozen businesses on Brady Street. Some didn't want to talk because they are worried this trend is bad for business.

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