Crime Prevention Awards recognize organizations helping to keep communities safer

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Keeping our communities safe and making a difference was the focus of Thursday’s Crime Prevention Awards.

One honoree was an 18-year-old man named Randle Chavis Harrison.

He works with the organization safe and sound. But he is also a DJ who puts on a show at Milwaukee’s Juneteenth Day celebration.

Since he started working at Juneteenth Day, Milwaukee Police say there’s been virtually no arrests at the celebration.

“Helping the youth is the best thing you can do because some people think they’re bad or have nothing to do. So if you give them something to do, they have something to do,” Harrison said.

Other honorees included members of the Milwaukee Police Department and other area organizations.

For the full list see below:

  • AAA Wisconsin Traffic Safety Award to Law Enforcement: Police Officer Randolph Bruso
  • AAA Wisconsin Traffic Safety Award to a Community Member: MilWALKee Walks
  • The Salvation Army Chaplaincy Program Outstanding Individual Involved in Crime Prevention: Michael Hupy
  • Outstanding Greater Milwaukee Partnership in Crime Prevention: PeppNation
  • Outstanding Block Club Involved in Crime Prevention: 1500 31st and 32nd Street Block Club
  • Outstanding Corporation/Business Involved in Crime Prevention: DJRC Entertainment, LLC
  • Outstanding Faith Based Organization Involved in Crime Prevention: Christ St. Peter Lutheran School and Church
  • Outstanding Community Liaison Officer Involved in Crime Prevention: Police Officer Dan Pierce
  • Outstanding Professional Contribution to Crime Prevention: Police Sergeant Gregory D. Hunter, Sr.
  • Outstanding Civilian Contribution to Crime Prevention: Lucy Hoeft
  • Outstanding Crime Prevention Advocate: Elizabeth Hammer
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