Crews at work clearing streets ahead of bitter cold temperatures Monday night

NOW: Crews at work clearing streets ahead of bitter cold temperatures Monday night

OAK CREEK, Wis. (CBS 58) - Crews in Southeastern Wisconsin are busy clearing roads as bitter cold Monday night threatens road conditions.

"We do have an on-call supervisor that will monitor the roads," Tyler Buerger, assistant director of Oak Creek Public Works, said.

Crews in Oak Creek spent Monday clearing streets of snow and then laying down a special mixture to prevent freezing.

"It's a salt brine, calcium chloride and beet juice blend," Buerger said.

Buerger said the main roads are taken care of first and then side streets and neighborhoods. He said all hands are on deck.

"We will be monitoring the roads pretty often," he said.

Brad Davis is the owner of Davis Seasonal Maintenance. More than 70 people were dispatched Monday morning to clear the snow from businesses and parking lots around the Milwaukee area.

"Tonight it's going to drop drastically and that's where we will watch for some re-freezing," Davis said. "This morning they were a little slick, just because it's so cold and a puffy, powdery snow. I think it just compacts so quickly that you really have to take your time."

His crews will dispatch again Monday night to put another layer of salt down to prevent black ice.

"We'll re-scrape everything where cars might've been and re-salt everything prior to morning so everyone comes into a safe lot," Davis said.

Davis said to make sure to leave plenty of room for snow plow drivers when you are driving. It can be difficult for drivers to see you in their blind spot.

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