"The light pole went flying:" Witnesses describe crash injuring two Saukville officers

NOW: “The light pole went flying:“ Witnesses describe crash injuring two Saukville officers

SAUKVILLE (CBS 58) -- New details are being released regarding the crash which left two Saukville Police officers hurt.

So far, no charges have been filed.

The crash happened at a busy intersection near State Highway 33 and Riverside Drive around 6:05 p.m. on Saturday.

Joseph Vincent was a couple cars behind the Saukville Police squad car on Highway 33 when the lights and sirens went off Saturday night.

"I saw the light pole went flying up in the air," said Vincent. 

He says that just seconds later, they were t-boned at an intersection by a 53-year-old driver.

"The police vehicle kind of ended up right here and there was debris everywhere," Vincent said.

Officer Nicholas Goetz was driving. He's been with the Saukville Police Department for roughly a month. Officer Christopher Janich was the passenger inside the vehicle.

Witnesses say the officers did have the red light and their sirens and lights were on.

"You'll never forget that noise because it's so loud," said Steven Brunette who heard the crash.

Some witnesses say they didn't see the driver of the SUV brake or have their lights on.

The two officers and the driver of the SUV were all taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. They were all released that night.

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