COVID relief bill includes $406 million to Milwaukee

NOW: COVID relief bill includes $406 million to Milwaukee

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Nearly two trillion in coronavirus relief aid will be voted on soon by the U.S. House after the U.S. Senate made changes to the bill over the weekend.

Once approved, $350 billion will flow to states, cities and counties.

Estimates show West Allis would receive more than $32 million in aid.

The Senate added some restrictions to the money, but the League of Wisconsin Municipalities said every Wisconsin town will find some use.

"Millions of dollars in reduction in room taxes, in 2020, much less than anticipated, and that has hit their budget particularly hard," said Deputy Director Curt Witynski.

He said the pandemic's effects on city budgets have varied across the state. Some cities have seen decreases in hotel taxes and parking fees, while others have not.

"This will certainly assist communities dealing in this one time unusual circumstance that we all dealt with, and we welcome Congress' passage of this piece of legislation," said Witynski.

But the state itself actually brought in a half percent more in revenue than it did the year before.

"Took in more dollars than anticipated on internet sales, and right before the pandemic came in, state law changed actually," said Witynski.

That's why Republican Congressman Bryan Steil already voted against the relief the first time.

"Three hundred and fifty billion dollars to bail out states that have made bad fiscal choices, and I'm frustrated that the Democrats are going to pass a bill on a party line vote to send billions of dollars from taxpayers in the state of Wisconsin to places like Illinois," said Steil.

He said the $350 billion to state and local governments is a waste. He said Congress should start over.

"What we should be focused on is getting our way of life back, getting our kids back in school, getting folks back to work," said Steil.

Under the bill, Milwaukee would receive $406 million in aid, Waukesha County would receive $78 million.

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