COVID-19 vaccinations up amid rising delta variant cases and summer events

NOW: COVID-19 vaccinations up amid rising delta variant cases and summer events

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Vaccination numbers are up, but so is the number of COVID-19 delta variant cases in Wisconsin.

Those who work to vaccinate people said with summer events and the delta variant on peoples' minds, many are now choosing to get the shot.

It's all part of what state health officials said helped them cross the line of 50 percent of people in the state of Wisconsin being fully vaccinated.

Pharmacists at Hayat Pharmacy, where people come to get the vaccine, said while this milestone is good to see, there's still a long way to go as many events continue to ramp up after a year off.

"Originally I had COVID back in October so I was waiting a period of time before even considering it and then I had an allergy season, which I was just miserable. So I was like I'm gonna wait till that dies down, so like, just in case being extra careful about it," explained Cassie Duck.

She got her second shot of the COVID-19 vaccine at Hayat Pharmacy Saturday after waiting for a bit.

Dr. Hashim Zaibak, who gave Duck her the shot, said she's one of many people who have come in for the vaccine recently.

"We've actually seen a spike in the last two weeks of the number of people who came to us to get their first shot, and more. A lot of people are saying, I'm concerned about the delta for me, for my children, school is going to start soon... so there's a lot more reasons for people to get vaccinated now," said Dr. Zaibak.

One of those reasons is local summer events.

Ruben Burgos, President of the Hispanic Scholarship Foundation's board of directors, said they will be following CDC guidelines on mask recommendations and providing vaccines on-site at Mexican Fiesta later this month.

"We spread out the grounds from the North and South of Summerfest we've expanded our footprint, so that we have more space for our vendors and for our people, our guests to come in and enjoy the event," said Burgos.

Dr. Zaibak said those vaccines are the best way to fight the delta variant.

"It's the number one tool we have today to stop this pandemic," said Zaibak.

Duck said it's also part of what made up her mind on getting the vaccine.

"Especially with my parents being older, to be extra safe for when I did see them," said Duck.

Pharmacists at Hayat said they have the vaccine, and COVID-19 testing, available seven days a week.

A vaccination clinic will be available at the Mexican Fiesta office Thursday, August 17, from 12-2 p.m. and 4-6:30 p.m., at 2997 S. 20th St. in Milwaukee.

A free ticket for a Brewers game and Mexican Fiesta will be available if you get the shot there.

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