Courts Docs: Woman Tasered and Held Captive in Wooden Box in Northern Wisconsin

MOSINEE, Wis. (WSAW)--  A woman was tasered, kidnapped, sexually assaulted and thrown in a wooden box by a man in Northern Wisconsin on December 28.

According to WSAW, a 54-year-old Mosinee man is charged with kidnapping, second degree sexual assault, false imprisonment and battery.

According to the court documents, the woman went to the suspect’s home under the lure to visit the suspect’s granddaughter.

The girl was not there when the woman arrived.

According to WSAW, the woman told police the suspect asked her to go to the basement and help him with a remodeling project.

He then shocked her with a homemade taser, duct taped her knees and ankles and wrists and ordered to her to the ground.

According to the criminal complaint, the suspect then forced the woman to perform a sex act and told her he had not decided how long he would keep her, “might be a while.”

During a struggle the woman told investigators a container of nails spilled and she was able to conceal one in her sweatshirt.

The woman said he instructed her to send a text message to a family member and another person stating she was leaving the area with a man named Bob.

The alleged victim said next she was placed in a wooden box.

The woman said inside was a teddy bear, pillows, a blanket and condoms.

He screwed on a lid sealing the box.

The woman recalled passing out, but was not sure for how long.

The woman told investigators she was able to break the duct tape around her knees and was able to chew through twine and duct tape around her wrists. The woman told detectives she was able to roll on her stomach and used her back to break the lid from the box.

Once out, the woman told investigators she used a hammer to pry open the basement door and began walking toward Mosinee.

According to court documents, the woman's injuries were consistent with what she described as a homemade taser. The box the woman said she was locked in was seized as evidence.

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