'Coupon Queen' can get 3 kids back to school for $50

MILWAUKEE -- An education watchdog group says Wisconsin is paying less per pupil than it was six years ago. It's putting a greater burden on parents and teachers. That's why CBS 58 caught up with one expert who can show you how to trim your back to school budget.

For some families back to school can mean back to broke. That's where Ann Heinzel a self professed coupon queen comes in.

\"I'm known for couponing, I have four kids and I'm all about savings.\"

She created a coupon database called www.mymilwaukeemommy.com after becoming a stay at home hom.

\"I just knew we had to coupon and save everything we could when we could.\"

With three school age kids, her back to school total is a shocking $50. Her strategy is to get her child's school supply list, and pull up all the sunday coupons, plus find all the printable coupons online.

She uses smartsource, hopster, redplum, and coupons.com. She alsu uses checkout 51, savingstar, and ibotta to collect rewards points.

Experts say apps like shop savvy barcode scanner can help you find the same product priced cheaper online, sale sorter finds the best sale in town, and Targets cartwheel app gives you every deal in the store.

Follow her advice and you can make it out of the store in $50 dollars too.

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