Couples renew vows after years of marriage

NOW: Couples renew vows after years of marriage

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Love is in the air in Menomonee Falls! Couples recommitted their marriage promise Thursday afternoon, Feb. 10, at Grace Commons.

Donald and Cass Fischer have lived up to that promise for a long time. 

Fifty-two years later, the spark is still there. And if this story wasn't sweet enough, the Fischers are celebrating with eight other couples at Grace Commons in Menomonee Falls, all renewing their marriage promise.

Area businesses joined in the fun too, donating cake and flowers.

All combined, the nine couples share about 600 years or marriage.

They'll tell you it hasn't always been easy.

"The adage, you know, 'don't go to bed angry,' so we always kiss before we go to bed, too, said Cass Fischer. "Yes, we've had some downs as well as up, but I think the secret is perseverance."

All agree it's absolutely been worth it. 

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