County Line Elementary School in Germantown Evacuated Because of Threat

County Line Elementary School has been evacuated due to a threat. In collaboration with emergency management officials, the school district initiated a complete bomb sweep of the building.

According to Jeff Holmes, District Administrator for Germantown School District,  law enforcement has been unable to determine if it was robocall or not. 

The Germantown School District sent an email to notify parents. 

"Your children are safe and secure at Crossway Church. As a result of the time needed to complete the sweep and ensure the utmost safety for students and staff, we are releasing County Line students to their parents and have contacted Riteway to begin delivering children home at 11:45 AM, if you are unable to be home at the time, please know that we will be having an adult on each bus to verify someone is home before leaving the child. If no one is home, the child will return to Crossway Church and can be picked up there. We apologize for any inconvenience and will be working with law enforcement to help catch the individual or group responsible for this incident and will help prosecute to the greatest extent possible. Only County Line Elementary students are being released," said the district in the email.

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