Count the birds flying by this Saturday during “Global Big Day”

NOW: Count the birds flying by this Saturday during “Global Big Day”

FRANKLIN (CBS 58)--Saturday, May 8th is your chance to do a different kind of head count. It’s your opportunity to document every bird flying overhead as part of “Global Big Day.” The hobby of birdwatching has really soared during this pandemic. In fact, during last year’s event, there was a record number of people documenting birds, tens of thousands, from 175 countries worldwide. To participate, all you need is to spare about 5 to 10 minutes and catalog every furry friend you see via a database called ebird.

“Global Big Day” actually runs for 24 hours on Saturday, from midnight to midnight, so you can even document night birds. Click here to connect to the important ebird database.  Also, I'm told the iNaturalist app is a great one to actually help you identify birds you see in the great outdoors. And finally, one more very useful source of information is to The Cornell Lab

I want to thank Wehr Nature Center for helping me on this story.  This is one of those place in Milwaukee County you must check out if you're into nature at all.  

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