Council Votes To Rezone Estabrook Dam Land, Starts Removal Process

The Milwaukee Common Council voted Tuesday to rezone the land around Estabrook Dam, effectively starting the process to remove it.

The vote of 12-2-1 means the city will take control of the land. This allows it to be sold to the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District for $1 -- so they can remove it.

Alderman Nik Kovac sponsored the rezoning item -- and says it will cost taxpayers far less to remove it than to repair it.

"It will make the river cleaner, and while we're at it, it will save the taxpayers over $2 million immediately, and an additional $2 million or so over the next 30 years. So it's a 4 million dollar savings which will allow the county to put money towards others resources and pressing needs in the parks."

Chairman Lipscomb from the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors called Tuesday';s vote an "undemocratic scheme by County Executive Abele."

"Whenever County Executive Abele doesn't get his way he goes to another governmental body in order to enhance his powers," Lipscomb said.

The removal of the dam will likely begin this winter. 

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