Could Act 10 extend to police and fire department?

MADISON--Now that the legal challenges to Act 10 have run their course, many are wondering if the other shoe about to drop be for police and firefighters.

\"Wherever I travel throughout the state and interact with our officers, one of the first questions I receive is whether or not we think  Act 10 will extend to police and fire. It's very clear that it is very prominent on the minds of officers all throughout Wisconsin,\" said Executive Director of  the Wisconsin Professional Police Association Jim Palmer.

Police and fire unions backed Scott Walker in his initial bid for governor. They were later exempted from Act 10. Now, many are uneasy about whether they will stay exempt. 

\"A number of legislatures have indicated that's their goal, to extend it to police and fire. I have no doubt that there will be Republican lawmakers that will push for that next session, exactly what direction the new legislature and whether or not this governor is still in office, it's hard to tell,\" said  Representative Peter Barca.

CBS 58's Lila Carrera reports.

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