COPY-Principal arrested for gambling with school funds says 'facts will come out'

Rob Polansky

Bridgeport, CT -- A Bridgeport principal arrested for stealing and gambling with fundraising money faced a judge on Friday.

Marilyn Taylor, 46, of Milford and an administrator at the Dunbar School, was charged with first-degree larceny charges.

Taylor said in court that the facts of the case will come out in due course.

She was arrested on Dec. 23 based on a warrant obtained by the police department.

Investigators said it was based on an audit conducted by the Board of Education regarding a financial account for the school. The audit found irregularities prompting the superintendent's office to hand the matter over to police.

\"We're working diligently to make sure justice is served,\" said Brett Broesder, a spokesperson for the city of Bridgeport. \"And, our top priority is to ensure that kids at Dunbar School - and kids in schools all across the city - are safe, secure, and learning in an environment that is preparing them to one day compete for 21st century jobs.\"

Among other findings, the audit and investigation revealed more than $10,000 from the Dunbar account was spent at the Mohegan Sun casino in Uncasville.

Police said students from the school never went to the casino for any reason.


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