Controversy over dress code policy at Pewaukee High School

NOW: Controversy over dress code policy at Pewaukee High School

Pewaukee, WIS. (CBS 58) -- There is some controversy over a dress code policy at Pewaukee High School.

Students wearing dresses must take a picture of what they are going to wear and show it to a female counselor for approval. Once it’s approved, they can buy tickets to homecoming.

Many female students said they are fine with the policy but it does make the situation stressful if the district denies their outfit for the dance.

The Pewaukee School District released the following statement,

"This proactive measure has been put in place to enforce existing dress code expectations and avoid a situation in which a student attends a dance and must be sent home due to non-compliance with the dress code."

This means that the dresses must hit below mid-thigh. The neckline can't be too low and no two piece dresses that show the midriff. This policy has been in place since 2015.

One parent says before this, more students would wear revealing dresses.

Homecoming is less than three weeks away. Stores like Bliss Bridal have already seen a few shoppers coming in to get their homecoming dresses. 

"Setting clear expectations on the rules would be very helpful for the people shopping. When you go shopping you want to purchase something. You don't want to wait on necessarily an answer then dresses can disappear with the busy season," said Lydia Doyle with Bliss Bridal.

The district said this procedure is set to make sure they can avoid turning away students at the dance. 

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