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Container Starts Smoking during Police Search of Drug House

On Tuesday, February 23 at 10:30 AM, Kenosha Drug Operations Group (KDOG) members were preparing to execute a search warrant at the residence of Clayton M. Jones. At approximately 12:15 PM, Mr. Clayton M. Jones left his residence and drove away in his motor vehicle. 

A Kenosha Sheriff’s K9 Deputy and Pleasant Prairie Police Officer stopped Mr. Clayton M. Jones. Officers placed him in custody, and transported back to his residence. The KDOG case agent advised him of the search warrant based on several prior controlled purchases of methamphetamine and marijuana. Mr. Jones was transported to the Kenosha County Jail.

At approximately 12:30 PM members from the U.S. DEA-MKE Clandestine Lab team entered the residence, due to the volatile and potentially toxic nature of manufacturing methamphetamine, U.S. DEA-MKE Clandestine Lab team were the only Law Enforcement Personnel allowed to enter the residence. DEA-MKE Clandestine Lab members removed several hazardous evidentiary items used in manufacturing methamphetamine. Animal control took custody of Jones’ dog. 

During the evidence collection process, an unstable container started to smoke and then ignited. Pleasant Prairie Firefighters doused the flames. DEA-MKE Clandestine Lab members continued to process the scene. 

The hazardous items were cataloged and removed by a certified disposal company. 

No persons or animals were injured during the operation.

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