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Congressman Ryan says President Trump didn't know any better when communicating with FBI Director

NOW: Congressman Ryan says President Trump didn’t know any better when communicating with FBI Director


Congressman Paul Ryan said he feels like the opening testimony from former FBI Director James Comey will help the American people realize why President Trump was frustrated sincere there was no an investigation directly into him.

The comments came after three hours of public testimony that began Thursday morning.

Comey said while the president used words like "hope" he considered it a directive by the President to drop the investigation into Russian collusion with then National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Ryan said the president was likely unaware of how to properly ask the FBI to stop their probe. 

"The president is new at this," said Ryan. "He's new to government. So, he probably wasn't steeped in the long running protocols that establish the relationships between the DOJ, FBI, and White House. He's just new to this. So,o what I got out of the testimony is we now know why he was so frustrated  when the FBI director told him 3 times there's no investigation into him but that speculation was allowed to continue."

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