Congress Votes to Repeal Internet Privacy Protections

NOW: Congress Votes to Repeal Internet Privacy Protections

The House of Representatives and Senate have voted to overturn internet privacy regulations that would require internet service providers to consumer's permission before selling the data. 

If the resolution is signed by President Trump, companies like Verizon, AT&T and Spectrum would have access to consumer's browsing information and be able to track things searched online.The resolution would block rules that the FCC adopted before the election.Those rules protected customer information about what sites they were visiting. 

"If you are concerned about your internet access you might have a choice to go to a different one but the likelihood is that they will have the same approach. The consumer is really stuck when it comes to internet access providers and that's why a different rule should be required," said Bruce Boyden, associate law professor at Marquette University. 

Supporters of the resolution internet providers should have the same rights as large search engines like Google. But those opposed are concerned how much information may be out there. 

Internet security experts like Paul Hager said there are some things people can do to protect their information.

Hager suggests getting a VPN also known a private virtual network. There are other search engines like that do no track your searches and internet browsers like that comes with a free VPN. 

"People need to be aware of what data is out there about them and what actions they can take to protect themselves," said Hager, CEO of Information Technology Professionals. 

The resolution has been passed over to President Trump for approval.

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