Concordia University sends messages of support to Las Vegas

NOW: Concordia University sends messages of support to Las Vegas

MEQUON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Imagine being a college student from Las Vegas, thousands of miles from home and watching the coverage of the horrifying events from Sunday night.

We heard today from two Concordia University students in Mequon who lived that nightmare.

"The Baca twins, from Faith Lutheran, they were there. They both got shot but they're both doing pretty good," said John Michaelson, a Concordia student from Las Vegas. 

"We lost a friend from my neighborhood and another one, she got paralyzed," said Brandon Hargis, a Concordia student from Las Vegas.

Brandon Hargis and John Michaelson came to Wisconsin from Las Vegas. They both knew people at the music festival when the shooting took place. While members of their immediate family are safe, they say it's been difficult for them to process the tragedy.

"You can't really process it, I mean all you can really do is be thankful that most of the people you did know survived. The only thing that's gonna be able to help you get through it is time."

Concordia's President and students made a video offering support to a high school in Vegas that has ties to the university in Mequon.

"It's important for all of us to know that we're part of something larger than ourselves. And it's also important for them to know and I think they do know this, y'know these are young students who are in the fullness of their lives that we're all mortal and we face challenges like this that we could never expect," said Patrick Ferry, Concordia University President.

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