Complaint Against Sheriff Being Investigated

NOW: Complaint Against Sheriff Being Investigated

New details in an ongoing saga between a Milwaukee man and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke were released in a complaint filed against the sheriff.

The sheriff is now being investigated by the county.

County Executive Chris Abele says he has turned that complaint over to the county's audit services division which has launched an investigation into the incident.

Dan Black claims he was harassed and detained by Sheriff Clarke after the two exchanged words on a flight to Milwaukee earlier this month.

It wasn't clear what would come of a complaint he filed until today.

County Executive Chris Abele said he referred that complaint to the audit services division and Black's attorney said he has been contacted by a finance auditor which is investigating whether Sheriff Clarke did anything wrong.

“The two people that can call for his removal are the governor and the medical examiner. What the auditor can do, is they can demonstrate facts, they can show facts, but they don't have the power to enforce any action on that,” said Abele.

Clarke responded to the latest development by calling it "fake news" saying in part "the latest political stunt by county executive abele is a waste of time."   

If the auditing division does find wrong-doing against Clarke they could refer those findings to the district attorney - or county ethics board.

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