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Community Remembers Delivery Driver Gunned Down on the Job

Its at least the third time a Racine delivery driver has been the victim of a violent crime in the past month and the community is asking, why are these men and women who carry very little money becoming a target?

Dozens of people showed up to the vigil on green street Thursday night still in shock that they will never see their beloved Jimmy again. 

"I miss my son. I was hoping so much that it wasn't real," asked Diane Shams, Jimmy's mother. 

Police say the 37-year-old was making a delivery for Super Steaks and Lemonade, when he was shot and killed. 

"I know he's watching us and we'll never be alone but its just not the same as him being here," said his wife, Stacy Blevins. 

His family says he was also robbed on the job back in December; police won't confirm if that is related to this crime and haven't named a suspect. 

"It's so unfair. All he was trying to do was do the right thing by his children," said Blevins. 

Less than a week after Norris' death the community is still reeling and meanwhile local businesses are changing their policies, hoping something like this never happens again. 

China House had a driver robbed earlier this year; off camera they told us, there's certain neighborhoods they won't go to anymore. 

Marco's Pizza says more than ever they're enforcing policies they've had in place for years.

"We tell them to turn lights on, we don't have them deliver to a dark house," said Tim Hundt, district manager. 

And say ultimately the driver makes the call. 

"If anyone tries to attempt anything its give it and go. Their safety is more important than any money, any pizza," said Hundt. 

Because one life is worth so much more. 

"It was like $80; why would you kill someone for 80 dollars?" asked Shams. 

Jimmy's killer still hasn't been caught.

When we asked his former employer if they changed their delivery policies because of the crime, they said they have not. It is still the discretion of the driver. 

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