Community organizers help clean up Milwaukee's West Side

NOW: Community organizers help clean up Milwaukee’s West Side

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Members of the community stepped up to make the city's west side a little cleaner.

The event was hosted by West Side Partners and the United Methodist Children Services.

Organizers say this community-wide event was a great way for people to help pickup trash that was left on the ground during winter.

"When that snow melts we really accumulate a lot of that trash that was sitting under that snow all winter." said Olivia Raasch of the Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee. "What happens a lot of times when the wind picks up a lot of that garbage is going to end up in the lagoon, or in the lake it's just really bad for the environment, bad for the wildlife, and bad for the living things that thieved in these ecosystems."

If you missed today's cleanup, don't worry, the Urban Ecology Center will be hosting more cleanup opportunities next week.

Click HERE if you're interested in volunteering at the center.

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