Milwaukee's Office of Violence Prevention hosts public meeting offering data and discussion on tackling city issues

NOW: Milwaukee’s Office of Violence Prevention hosts public meeting offering data and discussion on tackling city issues

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Tackling Milwaukee's biggest issues is an ongoing effort. From gun violence to reckless driving and mental health, community members are calling for change. 

Tuesday night, Milwaukee's Office of Violence Prevention hosted a public meeting to share how it's working toward creating a safer city.

It was a packed room, everyone with the same mission -- to stop the violence.

"There's no quick fix, but the fact that there's so many different people working towards trying to get it fixed is a good sign," said Earl Ingram, founder of Voices of the Elders. 

Community members are demanding change in Milwaukee. Those who attended Tuesday night's public meeting called for policy changes and better funding and support for those who are boots on the ground working to keep the city safe.

The Office of Violence Prevention is working hard to address the issues, sharing some valuable data explaining where they see issues occur the most. Franklin Heights and Juneau Town topped the list for homicides and non-fatal shootings so far this year.

"We don't have a team to focus on every area in the kind of way you need to saturate with this model, so we don't have a team to do that in every neighborhood in Milwaukee," said Arnitta Holliman, director of the Office of Violence Prevention. "Should we? Yes. But we don't. However, when we do, we see reductions in shootings and that is important for people to know."

They say there's a misconception that Milwaukee's youth is to blame for the issues in the city, but data shows that's not always the case.

"No matter what the data says, if people don't feel safe in the city, they're not safe, and that's something we all understand. But at the same time, in public health we are data-driven," said Reggie Moore, Medical College of Wisconsin.

There were so many people who spoke passionately during the meeting. One thing everyone is in agreement on is that a safer Milwaukee means all hands on deck, from city leaders to neighbors.

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