Common Council discusses snow cleanup with DPW

The last snow we had wasn't much to write home about but for some reason, it took forever to get the streets clear in Milwaukee and that performance has now caught the attention of a local alderman.

Alderman James Bohl and the rest of common council had a discussion with the Department of Public Works regarding the snow cleanup earlier this week.

\"We can assure residents that public safety is number one,\" said Sanitation Services Manager Wanda Booker.

A simple message from Booker and DPW. One that Alderman James Bohl agrees with, which is why he called out the DPW.

\"I do think that where we are is certainly not where we should be with regard to the residential side streets and the plowing, paving or salting. We seemingly have to work a little better on getting the sweet spot so those streets are more than what is termed passable,\" said Bohl.

Booker said a new policy is changing up the way they keep the roads clear.

\"Because of the salt conversation policy we are applying salt at a reduced rate, that's to ensure that we have salt for the rest of the season,\"said Booker.

When it gets this cold the salt isn't as effective, so DPW plans to send out plows earlier in a storm and act in situations that they may not have in the past.

\"The second thing that we are doing is, we will be plowing snow earlier, inch and a half, 2 inches, is our trip point to mount blades on the front plows. We will be plowing at a much lower threshold,\" said Booker.

Bohl just wants residents to get what they pay for.

\"Residents are going to say that they pay good money for city snow removal,\" said Bohl.

DPW told common council they will do what they need to do to keep the streets safe. They also want to remind drivers to drive for winter weather.

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