Comfortable End to July

Recent memory has most folks saying July has been hot. The tally so far has eighteen days with highs above the normal high of 80 degrees and eleven days below normal. However, the last stretch of weather was not only warm temperature wise, but oppressive humidity levels with feels like temps in the triple-digits.

Now as we head into the last couple days of the month, conditions look cooler and more comfortable to get out and enjoy. Take a look:

Overall the weekend has been looking dry on model data. But as you know, it hasn't taken much to get showers to pop and with an east wind and departing disturbance into the weekend, there is still a chance for a lingering shower during the morning. Thereafter, we should see afternoon sun and comfortable temperatures. Sunday will be similar.

Looking ahead to August, temps will rebound back into the mid and upper 80s and possibly another run at 90 by Thursday. With the returned heat and humidity, shower and storms chance will ramp up once again. The first weekend of August then looks dry, sunny and warm.

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I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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