Coldest temps since February today

Nothing prepares you for the first cold day of the season besides getting out in the elements and realizing this is Wisconsin, and it will only get colder from here. It’s early November, and we are experiencing the coldest temperatures since mid-February. If the temperatures stay under 30, it will be the first time in three years the high has not reached 30 degrees on a November day. Remember that we are only 13 days into the month!

Unfortunately, there appears to be no end in the sight with the below average temperatures. The skies clear today and tonight sending the numbers into the teens again overnight. The high temperatures will fluctuate between the 30s and low 40s the rest of the week, weekend, and into next week.

There could be snow on the way late this week and also early next week with a series of clippers. It looks like winter has come early!

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