Cold Weather May Help You Lose Weight

A new study shows exposing mice to cold temperatures increases their body's production of calorie-burning \"brown fat.\"  The body has two types of fat.  There's white fat.  Your body stores this when you eat too much and exercise too little.  Also, there's brown fat.  This type of fat acts like a  little furnace, actually burning white fat for heat and energy.

Excess white fat increases your risk for heart attacks, cancers, and premature death.  However, scientists say brown fat is good for you.  It can help you lose weight, get rid of excess fat in your body, and lower high blood sugar.  Unfortunately, the percentage of brown fat is very small, and it's even lower if you're overweight.

Another study in Finland determined outdoor workers have far greater brown fat compared to others.  Meantime, most Americans have very little brown fat and more than 70% of the population has more white fat than is healthful. 

So the bottom line is try getting outside more often to exercise during the winter.  The odds are you will lose weight this way compared to working out inside your home or gym.

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