Cold temperatures minor concern for Milwaukee businesses on New Year's Eve

NOW: Cold temperatures minor concern for Milwaukee businesses on New Year’s Eve

Sanford owner and head chef Justin Aprahamian says New Year's preps have been underway for days at restaurants like his.

"New Years Eve for us is probably our busiest day of the year," Aprahamian said.

Same thing for bars.

"Pretty much as soon as I get done with Thanksgiving, and I get done eating that meal, I start thinking about New Years Eve," Who's on Third General Manager Chris Norton said.

Aprahamian says so far, the cold hasn't meant problems.

"We have people that plan upwards of a month out, so some of these reservations have been standing for a while, but we've had no cancellations thus far or anyone deterred by the cold."

Jack's General Manager Daz Towers says single digit or negative temperatures could lead to less foot traffic at bars.

"I think some people may stay home and do the house party thing rather than go out to the bars," Towers said.

But he says new years eve is such a big bar night in Milwaukee, slightly fewer customers will still mean a big night.

"Even if it is slightly less, that means the line will be halfway down the block instead of all the way down the block, so I do think it will be really busy,"

And there's one thing making him especially confident.

"I have a lot of faith in the people of Milwaukee to drink. They've never let us down before, and I don't think they'll let us down here."

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