Cold Now, but Winter's Days are Numbered

NOW: Cold Now, but Winter’s Days are Numbered

We're in the midst of another cold spell. We woke up to temperatures in the single-digits above and below zero.  And then there's Fond du Lac. 

While overall our winter has been mild, there have definitely been cold moments. Let's tally up all the single-digit lows so far this cold season. 






12th 9°

18th 7°

17th 9°

13th 3°

19th 5°

14th -3°

15th 6°


20th 5°

At first, the cold pockets seemed few and far between. As the winter wears on you'll notice we've felt a few more chilly nights the last two months. That said, winter days are numbered! We have just nine days left of meterological winter. March 1st is now on our 10-day forecast!! March is a good transition month with our first records in the 80s and the last of records below zero! Here's a few other warm thoughts for you: 

In just two and a half weeks, sunset will be near 7pm as DST kicks in for the year. And in just over a month, as the official forecasters of the Milwaukee Brewers, the CBS58 Ready Weather Team is stoked to start providing forecasts for the season ahead!

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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