Cold and snowy start to February

Today is the last day of January! Can you believe how long this month took to get over with? Here are some main talking points when we look back at this month:

*Snowfall is still running below average.

-Season: 16.2” (average: 27.5”)

-Month: 11.4” (average: 14.2”)

*Warmest Day was 59 degrees (11th)

*Coldest Day was 6 degrees (1st)

*Coldest Temp was -7 degrees (1st)

*Average Temp: 24.3 degrees (+2.1 degrees)

The month of January started out brutally cold, but turned very mild after the first 9 days featuring three 50 degree days, and 11 days at least hitting 40 degrees.

The month of February is looking to start out like the start of the year, COLD! The jet stream buckles a bit sending cold air our way from the arctic; this will also setup an active pattern for clipper systems, which we will see the influence of on Saturday.

Snow is looking likely as early as late Friday night into Saturday late. Accumulation, and to be honest, timing, are up in the air at this point. What we know is accumulation is becoming more and more apparent, and your Saturday could be disrupted with snowfall and slick, snow-covered roads. Keep an eye on the forecast the next few days as this becomes fine-tune.

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